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What a Piece of Work Is Man! Full-Length Plays for Leading Women, written by dramatist Yvette Heyliger and edited by Alexis Greene, delivers a power-packed collection of plays for leading women (and the leading men who love them!). Great for professional actors, directors, designers and producers seeking new projects, as well as students of the theatre and lovers of politics, drama and activism! Artistic essays, critical reviews, production cast lists, as well as lead sheet music and photographs, illuminate the work of this producing artist and educator. Available today in paperback or e-book from any major print or online bookseller!

  • “Her instincts for comic relief are genius."
    – Backstage West

  • "Heyliger has a solid flair for dialogue and a good ear for comedy."
    –Park LaBrea News


And the plays are…

Bridge to Baraka (Excerpt) “Yvette X appeared in a dashiki and huge Afro to bring the ’60s Black Arts Movement to the present women’s struggle in her side-splitting and astute ‘Bridge to Baraka.’ ” –The Dramatist

White House Wives: Operation Lysistrata! “Playwright Yvette Heyliger, herself African American and female (a combination not seen enough in American theatre, particularly when commenting on the nation’s political landscape), takes advantage of her position and writes dialogue that brings her unique perspective to light.” –Theatre Is Easy

Hillary and Monica: The Winter of Her Discontent “It's more absurd than any Saturday Night Live sketch on the same subject, but it has more to say about ambition and the reasons behind one's actions than your average comedy routine... you'll end up having a hearty laugh.” –

What Would Jesus Do? "Talk about great plays, this powerful drama depicting AIDS and its cover-up is as important as those Larry Kramer plays in the early stages of the dreaded scourge. Listen up theatre producers, this play should make it to Broadway, where it belongs." –Celebrity Society

Father’s Day “A profound psychological drama with hard-hitting, solid characters and realistic dialogue; a tour de force for directors and actors…” –The BCS Experience, GoProRadio

Homegirl "A fresh and vivid comedy that connects the political to the personal, American history to Roanetta's story with a light touch and a warm heart." –Los Angeles Times


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